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Hello Gorgeous!


My name is Christina Martine and I'm a Spiritual Teacher and Ordained Alchemical Creation Priestess. I'm here to help others awaken to their power to create an abundant life filled with miracles and magic!

I'm the author and creator of Fifth Dimensional Healing, a safe method which is comprised of energy healing, meditation, visualization and magical intention.



I've committed my life to various healing practices and disciplines such as qigong, wushu, yoga, meditation and sound healing. I love sharing meditations and spiritual transmissions and you can find my YouTube by clicking here.

I'm a professional astrologer and have spoken to hundreds of clients from around the world. I use astrology as a tool to look into the energetic map of a soul. It's always my intention to serve as a bridge from heaven to earth to offer you the highest light.

You're probably here because you're looking for some spiritual guidance on your path. It's my honor to be able to share my gifts to illuminate and remind you of your power to create. Check out my Courses in Magic Academy for Activations through Magic, Tantra, Meditation, Art, Sound Healing, Astrology and more.


Love Christina




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