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Hello Gorgeous!


My name is Christina Martine and I'm a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Visionary Coach and Astrologer. I'm the author and creator of Fifth Dimensional Healing, a safe method which is comprised of energy healing, meditation, visualization and magical intention. I offer Healing Sessions, Astrology Readings and Life Coaching here. If you're looking to learn Astrology, Tantra, Medition, Healing Arts and real Magic, join the Magic Academy here.

If you're a spiritual entrepreneur looking to create a business in total alignment with your soul which generates MASSIVE income, check out my 1 on 1 Visionary Coaching Program by clicking here.


I've reached over a million viewers through my YouTube channel with my meditations and spiritual transmissions. I've shared digital courses, books, and private coaching sessions to help awaken others to their true potential so they can live with purpose and passion.


You're probably here because you're looking for some spiritual guidance on your path. It's my honor to be able to help you realign with your heart's purpose so you can shine your light fearlessly into this world. 

There's a version of you who is fearless, aligned and completely healed.


It is my intention to help you let go of anything stopping you from shifting into that version of you.


It's time to rise!


Love Christina





Energy Transmissions

Visionary Leader 1 on 1


If you haven't received my Free Guided 5D Chakra Cleanse Meditation, head HERE now to get it now! 

5D Healing is safe for anyone to use. It is comprised of energy healing, meditation, visualization and magical intention!

All you need to do for the meditation is sit or lay down somewhere comfortable and quiet. I will guide you through the movements and visualizations. 

When we go to the soul to do healing work, the mind and body follows!

You have the power to heal your life so it overflows with joy, abundance, magic and miracles!

Love Christina

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