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Hello lovely! I'm Christina...

I’m a Spiritual Teacher and Ordained Priestess and love helping others awaken to their power to create an abundant life filled with Magic and Miracles! You can find my current Digital Courses on Tantra, Magic, Art, Sound Healing, Meditation and Astrology by clicking here.

I have talked to hundreds of clients from all around the world in my personal practice. I’ve reached over a million people through my YouTube channel and have had the pleasure to interview amazing visionary speakers and pioneers from the spiritual community.


In my youth, I went through intense trauma which almost claimed my life. The pain I endured woke me up very quickly and I began sharing my perspective to help awaken others.

I realized that my psychic gifts were VERY real and now I love guiding others into their Intuitive Genius!

I continue to open my heart to the world because I know what it feels like to realize that the past doesn’t exist unless you think about it. It doesn’t have to determine your present, your worth or your potential. I know what it feels like to rise into ecstatic bliss from simply choosing to send love to what is. 

The fight doesn’t have to continue. Money isn’t the greatest power in the world. Choice is. And you always have the choice to free yourself by choosing love. 

Your light is NEEDED on this planet. Your gifts are SACRED. You are a divine being of power.


How will you use it? 

Love Christina

Magic Academy is OPEN! Click here to be taken to my current Digital Course Offerings.

© Christina Martine 2019
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