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It’s time to step into your Authority as an abundant goddess. It’s time to heal and awaken to your highest potential, share your unique magic with this world and magnetize the wealth you deserve.




If you’re cringing right now because you think this is marketing bullshit, I get it. I know you’re inundated with this type of stuff all day long from advertisers claiming the same thing. But I’m here to remind you that when you feel a RESONANCE with someone’s work and write it off as bullshit, you DENY yourself of TRUE WEALTH. When you don’t follow the course of your destiny and share your gifts, your spirit fades.


The truth is that, if you’re a healer, a spiritual guide or a soulpreneur who has the PASSION and POWER to guide others, you MUST find a way to share! It’s your duty here and SO MANY souls are waiting for your light!


If you’re a wayshower, a starseed, a shamanic guide, it’s time to rise, and I am here as your guide, mentor and friend.


My clients have become my best friends because I ONLY select people who resonate on a soul level to work with. If you like my vibe, keep reading and see if we're a good fit.


Are you ready to finally accept that the Divine Service you provide is WORTHY of HIGH COMPENSATION?


I know what you may be feeling right now… that uncomfortable pit of despair in your gut that won’t seem to go away when you think about money. I’ve been there, but I’ve also realized that MONEY IS EVERYWHERE and people LOVE paying you when you love yourself and your life.




Know that YOU CAN HEAL any unworthiness issues stopping you from claiming your wealth and power.

Let’s talk about how MONEY HELPS US:


I love money because it allows me work with producers and directors so I can bring my art projects to life. It allows me to travel and GIVE BACK for months on end. I wouldn’t have this FREEDOM if I were at a 9-5 job.


If you’re still reading, you already know that your light is TOO BIG for a 9-5 container.


Your destiny is to be SEEN.


I get it. My destiny is HUGE too, and thinking about it can be daunting, which is why I sought out mentors myself. I’ve learned all the marketing techniques to launch High-End courses and programs which make thousands of dollars. I’m COMFORTABLE with money now and know I can help you remember how to live a life that’s simple, fun, exciting, passionate, inspiring and healing for this world!


It’s time to stop hiding your light or lowering your vibration to make others feel comfortable.


You came here to fucking SHINE and make MASSIVE difference in people’s lives.


Ready to do what you love, grow your Soul Biz, serve more people, and get paid for it?


And do all of this in a way that is super fun and aligned with your soul?


If you feel a strong YES in your gut, if your heart is burning with desire and tears are welling in your eyes, you’re ready!



The Abundant Goddess Academy is for you.


It’s time to heal your divine feminine and masculine energies and rise into your power. The world needs your light!


Abundant Goddesses stand confidently in their Divine Missions.


We don’t accept anything less than what we’re worth. If it’s not love, we walk away.


We take action despite the fear. We send love to everything that arises and know a solution can always be found.


We relinquish control and trust that we are cherished in creation. We listen to our Intuition and act from a place of Surrender and True Power.


We accept that or own Beings are a source of infinite intelligence. We know that we are receivers with a Sacred Mission to serve this world. We remain a vehicle for Divine Light to flow through us to illuminate the entire world.


We focus on our spiritual practice and growth, which is eternal and don’t worry about personal setbacks, which are temporary.


We ask for support from nature, from our guides, and resist the demands of the ego.


We tune into the heart and share our Innate Wisdom with others because it feels GOOD to serve.



Our Divine Light will no longer be suppressed.


We are Warriors, Wayshowers, the Ancient Ones who have risen to heal this world.

It's time to claim your birthright.

Are you an Abundant Goddess?

Are you doing your best to share your message and mission in a big way but keep getting met with fear, judgment, overwhelm and confusion?


How long are you going to keep attracting clients who don’t respect your work and who don’t pay you enough?


How long are you going to keep chasing money and wasting time?

How many times have you said to yourself…


“I know I came here with a purpose. I know I’m meant to serve others but I don’t know how to do it. It just seems too grand.”


“I’m nervous to show myself to others. I can hardly talk on camera. Who will even listen? Do I even deserve to be seen?”


“I love to do so many things. How could I ever pick just one? I don’t know where to focus my energy!”


“What if I do all the work and people still don’t like me or book with me?”


“Do I even deserve to be paid for my services? How can I be spiritual and wealthy?”


“I feel like a fake. How am I supposed to help people when I can hardly help myself.”


“How will I find people to invest? I’m so nervous to talk to others. I don’t want to seem greedy or pushy.”


How much longer are you going to let these thoughts hold you back from your Divine Purpose?


How much longer are you going to let others determine your worth and value?


How much longer are you going to diminish your light because it makes others uncomfortable.


The time for hiding is OVER.


We NEED Visionary Leaders, like you, to stand up and speak their truth.


How much longer are you going to let fear hold you back from shining your light, serving more people and magnetizing the wealth you desire?


I have been there. I have felt ALL those things and have kicked myself again and again for being down. As healers and lightworkers, we’re not supposed to fall into a lower vibration. But you know what, it happens to the best of us. And you know what?


Shifting into your angelic state of grace, magic, beauty and power is as simple as LETTING THAT SHIT GO!


It’s mind-trash that you DON’T NEED ANYMORE!


You’re here because you’ve known that you came to Earth for something very special. You know that your unique vibration deserves to be seen and heard by many people.


You know you’re a Leader and your light is too bright to be contained in a 9-5 container.


Maybe you’ve felt your Mission all your life and now it’s being activated.


You’ve seen other spiritual entrepreneurs absolutely crushing it in business and in life, making a massive impact on people’s lives, and living a life of freedom and play! You know this is possible for you too, don’t you?


You didn’t come here randomly. You chose to come here for a very specific purpose.


There is NO ONE else on this planet who can do the work that you came here to do. So why are you still hiding?


It’s time to FUCKING SHINE, create the life and business of your wildest dreams and be fully supported Spiritually and Financially from your service.


It’s not about hustling or constantly pushing.


It’s about aligning with your Divine Feminine Magnetism and Divine Masculine Power to receive and manifest the Abundance you’ve always been able to.


You are Worthy.


If you’re still here, you are READY.






If you FEEL in your heart and soul that you came to Earth on a mission to serve others in a BIG WAY and want to create more abundance and freedom in your life, but aren’t sure about which steps to take, this 1 on 1 Coaching Program is for you.


If you are ready to step into your Divine Leadership role on the planet, shine and serve fearlessly and receive the wealth that’s always been yours, this is for YOU!


The Abundant Goddess Academy lasts 1 month in total and will help you alchemize your gifts, amplify your impact, and create a Soul Aligned Business which sets your soul on FIRE and creates more freedom in your life!


If you’re a healer, a teacher or a coach who is READY to rise, the Abundant Goddess Academy Coaching Program is designed for you!


You will receive the information, strategy, clarity and confidence you need to create a successful online presence and business which sets you apart from the crowd and enables you to create the income and freedom you desire. 


Let’s get one thing straight… You receive brilliant ideas.


You take those ideas and manifest them.


People pay you.  You are EPIC. You are a frickin’ Magician!


It’s time to receive the support you need to shine BRIGHTER!



Use subconscious reprogramming techniques to remove toxic habits and thoughts holding you back from sharing your light and making a massive impact on this world.

Remove limiting beliefs and energetic imprints regarding worth and money for GOOD.

Align with the version of you who is ALREADY successful and wealthy, unlock your creative potential and unique gifts so you can serve others in a bigger way.

Move into receiving mode and learn how to align with the energy of money so you become a clear channel for currency to flow.

Learn the exact steps to creating High-End Packages which draw in clients who LOVE paying you!

Receive crystal clarity on who you are, what you came here to do and WHY. Receive the confidence to share your message with the world and create a loyal audience and tribe that loves what you have to offer.

Receive ESSENTIAL Facebook Advertising Strategies to help you generate the income and freedom you deserve.

Learn how to attract dream clients with simple and effective techniques that generate massive income so you get to work less and play more!

Learn how to sell with grace and ease in a way that’s fun and actually helps people!

Deepen your spiritual practice and magnetize even more wealth to you!

Slow down just for a moment and imagine…


You have a loyal audience and tribe who love what you have to offer and are excited to work with you. Clients who LOVE paying you, working with you, and NEED what you have to offer.


You never have to worry about money again. Never have to work at a 9-5 or let someone else decide how much you’re worth. You never second guess yourself or hesitate to share your light because you KNOW exactly who you are and what you came here to do.


You have the clarity and confidence and passion to shine fearlessly.


Being booked solid for months with soulmate clients who LOVE and RESPECT you and your work and are excited to invest with you.


People really see you as the leader you are and respect you for your authenticity, grace and power.


You’re excited to get out of bed because you’re burning with creative ideas and the passion to share them with the world!


You’re making money in your sleep, your courses are selling like hot cakes, and you just keep burning and growing and rising!


You’re able to work from your laptop, travel the world, and have the freedom you desire!

You have so much freedom you can do what you really want to do here and enjoy life to the fullest! Travel when you choose to, love who you choose to, just be you without worry!


People see that you're being authentic and are reaching out to work with you. You never have to worry about money again. You are safe and provided for in every moment, living in complete trust and abundance.


I’ve learned this through experience:

God WANTS us to be wealthy.


YOU deserve to claim the wealth that’s always been yours and I can help you remember how to do that.


The truth is that it’s already inside you and I’m simply here to share the techniques I’ve learned to help activate and inspire you.


You deserve it ALL and the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams, is you.


So it’s time to get out of your own way and let the light in.


It’s time to say YES to life, to love, to freedom.


It’s time to stop trying to do everything on your own. Time to stop trying to control everything.


The truth is that it’s not going to be easy, but it WILL be simple.


I’m giving you ALL the tools you need to grow your online presence and business so you can share yourself in a HUGE WAY that shifts the consciousness of the world. EPIC! And the best part… you can create all of this in a way that is ALIGNED with your soul.


Your work deserves recognition, respect, attention, and so do you.



 8 Video Module Trainings (30 mins - 1 hour) which you receive INSTANTLY


Two 1-Hour Zoom Coaching Sessions with Christina


3 bonus Digital Courses: Magic School, Astro Mentorship Circle, Tantric Magic


Free copy of Christina’s Fifth Dimensional Healing E-Book


8 Workbooks with writing prompts, meditations and weekly challenges


Weekly WhatsApp voicemail support from 9-5pm for 1 Month


Clickfunnel Templates which magnetize dream clients and generate massive income


Tech training including FB ad ESSENTIALS (create pixels, retarget to warm leads who already love your stuff, generate automatic income), landing page copy musts, membership community creation, YouTube audiences


Terms, Privacy Policy legal document templates for your courses and business


Sacred Sales Strategies and Support Models to help you offer your service without shame. (Making money is just solving problems. There’s NOTHING

dirty about it.)

Email Christina at to schedule a free Zoom Chat to talk about the program and if you're a good fit!



Who You Really Are and Why You’re Here: Getting crystal clear about your Soul Mission so you can serve at a higher level, generate massive income, and create a life of freedom.


Authenticity: Sharing your Sacred Service without shame or judgment. Creating a loyal audience and tribe who respect your work and love paying you.


Spiritual Development and True Connections: Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine within to magnetize even more wealth, magic and miracles into your life! Creating business partnerships and friendships that last for life!


As soon as you sign up you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to all Video Module Trainings and Workbook Exercises. You can begin crafting your High-End Coaching Package this very week!

For 2 Months, you’ll also get WhatsApp Voicemail Support from Christina during the week and 2 Live Zoom Coaching Sessions where she will help you craft your ideas into a business that is totally aligned with your soul and generates massive income!


You’ll have lifetime access to the videos and all the course content.

What makes this program different from the others?



As a Visionary Leader, you learn t Magnetize Wealth Spiritually.


Let’s get real, there are tons of courses out there claiming the same thing, but the difference is in the vibration. As we learn to open the heart and tap into the infinite source of wealth that already exists within us. We offer that love in service to the world and see it manifested back in beautiful connections, massive income, and powerful experiences that push the bounds of what it means to be human.


We have made the decision to RISE into the position of Earth Goddess, Priestess and Visionary Leader.


We aren’t afraid to do the work it takes to get CLEAR on exactly what we came here to do and then SHARE without shame or fear.


We’re not focused on the money first and foremost. We trust that the money will arise naturally as we walk our Divine Path and share our Divine Service.



Week One:

The Aphrodite Path: Align with the Energy of Abundance. I’m going to share subconscious reprogramming techniques to help you release thoughts and energetic patterns stopping you from claiming your True Wealth and Worth.


The Saraswati Path: Speak Your Truth! I’ll teach you how to share your story without fear to attract a loyal audience and dream clients to you. You’ll learn how to craft high end packages which sell like hot cakes!

Week Three:

The Isis Path: Create Your Tribe. I’m going to show you how to plan a professional photoshoot so you can launch yourself as a Leader. I’m going to share Instagram layout and launch strategies so you can present yourself professionally and beautifully and save time!

Week Four:

The Kali Path: Conquer the World of Tech. You’ll learn Facebook Ad ESSENTIALS and I’ll show you how to set up your Clickfunnels account and Opt-In Page so you can start funneling in clients who LOVE paying you! I’ll give you the exact template you need to follow to create an awesome webinar or free training which draws in your soulmate clients.

Week Five:

The Athena Path: Connect with Your Tribe. I’ll show you how to create a website, and speak to your tribe in a way that is genuine. You'll create membership communities which pay you in your sleep, learn about incorporation, and I’ll even share all my legal templates with you.

Week Six:

The Quanyin Path: Selling with Grace and Compassion. I’ll teach you how to create landing pages with copywriting which converts. I’ll teach you how to find keywords, benefits and social proof for anything you’re offering and best of all, I’ll show you exactly how to sell to people with grace and compassion. You’ll learn time management and how to launch like a BOSS.

Week Seven:


The Sekhmet Path: Become a Visionary Leader. I’ll show you exactly how to get on podcasts to generate more authority in your niche. You’ll learn all about YouTube and creating support models which genuinely help the people you serve. You’ll learn how to share yourself through Lives to connect with your tribe and be the Leader you already are!

Week Eight:

The Lakshmi Path: Magnetizing Even More Wealth. You’ll learn sacred Tantric Techniques to balance your Shiva and Shakti energies so you can magnetize even more wealth to you. You’ll dive into your Natal Chart to discover your True Purpose, Divine Feminine and Masculine, strengths, weaknesses, soul mission and success path. You’ll create a self-care routine to help keep you aligned, motivated and clear.


Hello Beautiful Soul! I'm Christina Martine!


I'm a Spiritual Teacher and Visionary Coach who helps people heal and awaken to their true magic and power to create an abundant life filled with Magic + Miracles!


I am an ordained Alchemical Creation Priestess and use Energy Healing, Magic and Astrology to teach others how to connect to the heart and magnetize abundance in all forms.


I’m based in Vancouver, BC, and have the freedom to travel and run my business from anywhere. This wasn’t always the case…



In 2017, I left yet another failed relationship and fell into a major depression. I was drinking heavily and making excuses about my toxic habits. I fell further and further away from my divine purpose and ended up closing down two online businesses including a spiritual community I had built from the ground up. I felt like a liar. How was I supposed to help anyone when I felt like I couldn't help myself?


I was desperate for change but afraid to put in the actual work, afraid to face myself and admit I was the one who had created the situation I was in. 


I ended up taking a minimum wage job out of fear and desperation. After being a social media presence for years, after launching courses for thousands of dollars and making money in my sleep, after working with hundreds of clients in healing sessions, how had I let my life take such a dark turn? I was so embarrassed but still felt powerless to create any real change. 


One day, I had had enough. I decided I was never going to let someone tell me how much I was worth. I was never going to say, "Yes," when I felt a "No."


I vowed to never offer or accept anything less than love.


I quit my job, stopped polluting my body, immersed myself in my spiritual practices and became still. The pain and tears surfaced along with the anxiety, shame and doubt that had been suppressed.


And then you know what happened?


The pain passed.


I felt clear, calm and focused. Within that spaciousness, I received the guidance to share this divine work.


Watching people's faces light up with recognition of their true power... there is nothing more satisfying than that.


Let's get real, it wasn't easy recreating myself and learning the skills I needed to learn in order to rise. But I knew deep down that this was my calling. I had to share my truth and trusted that the universe would provide.


Everything started to flow because for the first time I had the courage to slow down and listen to my heart, which told me:


-      I was a sacred being of light who had come to earth with gifts that were going to radically shift the lives of countless souls.


-      My true wealth was in my ability to express love, peace, gratitude and joy.


-      I could make money by doing what I loved most.


-      Money had nothing to do with money. It had everything to do vibration and mindset.


-      I deserved to be paid for my divine service which was literally helping people reclaim their health and freedom.


-      If I continued to hide my light or shy from my purpose, I would be doing a disservice to the entire world.


-      Making money was as simple as solving problems, there was nothing dirty about it.



It is my intention to help you remember that you are already wealthy beyond imagination. Once you really feel that and take action, the entire universe begins to shift in your favor.


You know deep down what your gifts already are. You came here to shine. What are you waiting for?

HERE’S A RECAP OF EVERYTHING YOU RECEIVE in the visionary coaching program:



8 Video training Modules packed with info to help you take your Soul Biz online and SLAY. Value $5576


8 workbooks with meditations, writing prompts and practical challenges to hold you accountable to your Sacred Vision $Value 1176


2 Live Private 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions with Christina and 2 Months of Voicemail Support Value $2137



Check out these Special Bonuses:


Fifth Dimensional Healing E-Book


Magic School Digital Course Value $1247


Astro Mentorship Digital Course Value $667


Tantric Magic Digital Course Value $467


You’re getting over $11,000 worth of content and support when you sign up for the program plus endless opportunities for fun and connection!




What if I don’t have a business yet, can I still join?


Yes! If you feel a strong desire to join this program, then follow that! The tools you’ll be given will help you get crystal clear on exactly what you came here to do and why you must do it!


When does the program begin and how does it work again?


The AGA begins as soon as you sign up. You’ll get instant access to the Abundant Goddess Academy Digital Course, filled with healing exercises, marketing info and everything you need to start selling High-End Coaching Programs. You’ll have 1 month of WhatsApp Voicemail support from Christina during the week from 9-5pm. You’ll also get two 1-Hour Live Coaching Sessions which you can schedule any time. You’ll get to keep all the material for life.


Is this program only for coaches and healers?

This program is for any FEMALE service-based entrepreneur looking to take their business online and generate massive income and more freedom.

Is there a refund policy?

We do not offer refunds for this program and all sales are final. If you choose to invest in yourself, honor yourself by sticking to your decision. However, if you apply what you learn and fully commit to your vision, I am 100% certain you will see results and experience major shifts.

Email Christina at to schedule a free Zoom Chat to talk about the program and if you're a good fit!

© Christina Martine 2019
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