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Astro Mentorship Circle

3   Week Course

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Ignite the Astrologer Within



Become a professional Astrologer. Start an online business that supports you spiritually and financially while you do what you love to serve humanity! 


Learn about your past lives, Star Connections, Soul Mission, and Destiny! Discover your innate gifts and weaknesses so you can rise into your Divine Authority on Earth. Uncover the mysteries of your own soul and why you chose to incarnate during The Age of Aquarius.


As an Astrologer, every simple act you do from talking to your friends, cooking a meal, walking your dog, creating a business, working, and paying bills becomes an intimate link with the Divine. When you realize that the same elements within the stars also exist within you and everyone you meet, you see that everything is truly connected.

Astrology is the Language of the Soul, and like any other language, it can be taught and learned. When you become acquainted with the ancient art form, divination tool, and science of Astrology, you begin to see why certain themes are occurring in your life. Knowing what’s going on in the stars helps you learn:


-      Your life purpose and mission

-      Who your ideal partner is

-      What career would bring you success

-      What karma you have to clear

-      Your natural talents and hidden skills

-      Challenges you’re going to face

-      Why certain themes are occurring in your life

-     Past and future incarnations


Knowing what’s going on within the stars is like getting an energetic forecast that tells you when it’s a beneficial time to make certain choices with your free will. The stars have never taken you away from your free will, nor have they affected your ability to choose love over fear.


They merely serve as a reflection of what internal energetic shifts are occurring within you as an individual and within the collective and the planet itself. The configurations of the stars produce specific energetic vortices that send you energetic upgrades your DNA uses to re-write the program that manifests the world you see.

When you intimately understand Astrology, it's like you have a Master Key that enables you to choose only that which serves you and benefits the whole. All fear dissipates when you realize that everything is here to help you grow!

With so many lost in the illusion of separation and ego, the world needs people from every walk of life who are ready to align with the power of their soul.


The circle is open to Astrologers of all levels looking to take their skills and offer them to the world. We'll be going over beginner, intermediate, and advanced material. If you want to take this course to learn more about your own soul, you are welcome!


Week 1: 

-      Zodiac Signs

-      Planets + Houses

-      Astrological Metaphors and Myths

-      Reading Natal Charts

Week 2: 

-      Aspects (Major + Minor)

-      Degrees and Decans

-      Transits + Progressions

-      Movement of the planets

-      More advanced Natal Chart reading

Week 3:

-      Creating an Astrology Business

-      What is your lesson + message?

-      Finding your niche

-      Healing your Mind, Body, Spirit so you can connect with others

-      Creating an Astrology Template for Readings

-      Creating a website, selling your Readings in an ethical manner

-      Creating a newsletter so you can connect to your clients

-      Promoting yourself through Google, Facebook, YouTube, SEO

-      Channeling during Readings

-      Email marketing and growing your audience

-      Entrepreneurial tax info



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How it works:


As soon as you sign up, you'll get emailed the link to access all the Course Material Instantly. You'll have lifetime access so you can do the Course at your own pace. The videos are yours to keep forever. 



What if I've never studied Astrology? Can I still join? Yes! We'll be going over the basics, along with more advanced material, so you can choose how deep you want to go.

What type of Astrology are you teaching? I've studied many forms of Astrology including Shamanic, Evolutionary, Tropical, and more... My style of Astrology is intuitive and channeled, and that's what I'm going to teach you. I call my style 5D Astrology because you'll learn how to actually commune with the stars and open your channels to receive higher dimensional information.

What if I'm too busy for this course? Should I still take it? Yes! The course gets sent to your email inbox, so you can take it at your own pace. You get to keep the reading material and videos forever!

Will this course actually make me money? That depends on you. While I can't guarantee results, I can say with confidence that if you follow my guidelines, your business will grow in alignment with your personal development work. 

Are there refunds? Not for this course.

Will Astrology actually make my life better? I can honestly say that it's made my life flow so much more smoothly. Knowing why things are happening has brought me so much peace. Astrology has helped me connect to others on such a deep level as well. The whole making money from doing what I love thing, yeah, that's nice too! There's only one way to find out for sure...

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