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Learn about your past lives, Star Connections, Soul Mission, and Destiny! Discover your innate gifts and weaknesses so you can rise into your Divine Authority on Earth. Uncover the mysteries of your own soul and why you chose to incarnate during The Age of Aquarius.

When you become acquainted with the ancient art form, divination tool, and science of Astrology, you begin to see WHY certain themes are occurring in your life. You'll learn why you chose to incarnate on earth and what your Soul Mission is.


Knowing what’s going on within the stars is like getting an energetic forecast that tells you when it’s a beneficial time to make certain choices with your free will. The stars have never taken you away from your free will, nor have they affected your ability to choose love over fear.


They merely serve as a reflection of what internal energetic shifts are occurring within you as an individual and within the collective and the planet itself. 

When you intimately understand Astrology, it's like you have a Master Key that enables you to choose only that which serves you and benefits the whole. All fear dissipates when you realize that everything is here to help you grow!

How Do the Readings Work?

Once you make a payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Chistina will contact you to set up a time to chat that works well for you. The readings are hosted through the free app Zoom and recorded for you. The recordings are available forever for you to view. Christina will go over your entire chart in the reading and answer any questions you may have. Christina's style of Astrology is a combination of Western and Shamanic. She channels the information directly from your guides and the stars. 


- A Full Written Report (around 8 pages)

-Analysis of your planets: degrees, zodiac signs

and houses with information on your:

Past Life Tribe + Specialty

Current Life Mission and Job

Divine Feminine + Masculine

Mental + Emotional Patterns

Quickest Way to Success

Life Challenges

Star Being Lineage

Soul Theme

- A special focus on Chiron (soul wounds), Juno (soul mates),

and Lilith (feminine power)

- Aspects (spiritual gifts and challenges)

- 2-Year Energetic Transit Forecast

- 1 Hour Video Zoom Reading

- Recording of Reading











8 Week Digital Course


The act of using magic is the act of creation itself, of bringing spiritual energy into form. In every moment, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you are using magic. You are co-creating this world with your imagination, attention, intentions, emotions, words and willpower.

In Magic School, you’ll learn how to align your will with the will of the Creator so you can fully step into your Divine Power as a Magician. You will be instructed on how to enter a trance state and channel spiritual energy while creating art to manifest your dreams into the physical. No previous art experience is necessary.

After the completion of the course, you will know how to create a magic altar, invoke the elements for rituals and ceremonies, commune with the stars using Astrology, work with angelic guides, use Moon Magic, and cast spells in alignment with the sacred rhythms of the earthly and celestial realms.


Week 1 
Staying Aware
What’s the Point of It All? 
Staying Present                         

Week 2 
The Different Forms of Qi
The Kun Gong Energy Centre
Sun Meditation to Increase Yuan Qi Yuan Jing and Yuan Shen   

Week 3 
Balancing the Brain Hemispheres
You are a Creator
Art as a Spiritual Practice        
Dangers of Channelling               
Psychic Protection for Spiritual Artists

Week 4 
Gamma Magic
White vs. Dark Magic
The Power of Ritual          

Week 5 
Creating a Magic Altar Space
Magical Essentials
Other Magical Objects to Add to Your Ritual Space
Magical Clothing Items Can Include
In Ceremonial Magic, These Items are Also Used in Some Traditions

Week 6 
Working with the Elements
Invoking the Elements
Ceremonial Elemental Invocations

Week 7 
Moon Magic   
Astro Magic
Jupiter Charm Bag

Week 8 
Pleiadian Meditation to Manifest Your Dream Life
Pleiadian Dream Sigil
Abundance Spell to Manifest Your Dream Life





























3 Week Digital Course



Become a professional Astrologer. Start an online business that actually makes you money while you do what you love to serve humanity! 


As an Astrologer, every simple act you do from talking to your friends, cooking a meal, walking your dog, creating a business, working, and paying bills becomes an intimate link with the Divine. When you realize that the same elements within the stars also exist within you and everyone you meet, you see that everything is truly connected.

With so many lost in the illusion of separation and ego, the world NEEDS people from every walk of life who are ready to align with the power of their soul.


WEEK 1: 

-      Zodiac Signs

-      Planets + Houses

-      Astrological Metaphors and Myths

-      Reading Natal Charts

WEEK 2: 

-      Aspects (Major + Minor)

-      Degrees and Decans

-      Transits + Progressions

-      Movement of the planets

-      More advanced Natal Chart reading

    WEEK 3:

-      Creating an Astrology Business

-      What is your lesson + message?

-      Finding your niche

-      Healing your Mind, Body, Spirit so you can connect with others

-      Creating an Astrology Template for Readings

-      Creating a website, selling your Readings in an ethical manner

-      Creating a newsletter so you can connect to your clients

-      Promoting yourself through Google, Facebook, YouTube, SEO

-      Channeling during Readings

-      Email marketing and growing your audience

-      Entrepreneurial tax info




Why Book with Christina?

Astrology Readings with Christina are SO MUCH MORE than just a 1-Hour Session. Along with your Full Written Report and Recorded Video Session, you will receive the 8 Week Course Magic School, which will teach you how to use REAL MAGIC to manifest your dreams into reality. You'll also receive the 3 Week E-Course the Astro Mentorship Circle, which will teach you everything you need to know about the language of Astrology so you can dive into your own chart with clarity and also start reading for others, professionally, or just for fun.

Christina uses Astrology as a healing modality. In your session, she may also recommend meditations for you to continue your practice. Through working with her and learning about Magic + Astrology, you will go through an Alchemical Transformation of the Soul. Are you ready?

When you book your Reading, you will receive access to your Bonus Courses straight away. It may take up to 3 Weeks to receive your Astro Reading, depending on Christina's schedule. 

Click the button below to enter your birth details and complete your order:


“Christina takes her job very seriously, being super caring and supportive at the same time. After an astrology reading with her, I feel inspired and more confident with my life and my choices. Christina prepared my detailed birth chart and I was astonished how accurate it was! Having a reading with such wise and lovely person was a blast! Thank you very much Christina for your help and guidance, I really needed that.”


-Barbara, Bournemouth, UK, Sagittarius


"I just had an Astrology Reading with Christina Martine and I just had to express how amazing I am feeling right now! I felt like she really took the time to go over every detail of my chart with me. I have a bad habit of rambling off and instead of getting annoyed with me, I felt like she really listened to what I had to say. The reading was stunningly accurate down to the tiniest details and I feel like there is an actual reason why I am who I am. I feel incredibly validated and understood. She is also just so darn nice to talk to! I felt very at ease and comfortable with her. She is clearly a great source of wisdom and insight, but she is also super chill and easy to get along with. She even went above and beyond and recommended other beneficial things for me to look into and just really went the extra mile. She helped inspire me to come face to face with my calling and empower me to go after it. I feel strong, capable, understood, and excited for my future. I highly recommend having a reading with her because she is so enlightening, accurate, and easy to connect with. It was an absolutely wonderful experience! Go to her! Go now! :D"


- Katie, USA

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