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Do you feel called to express yourself creatively? It's time to awaken the Artist within!




A 3 Week Digital Course designed to teach you exactly how to enter the flow state to create art. 


Each Week Christina will be sharing a guided meditation and spiritual art practice to help you move into your intuitive genius and discover your natural gifts.


Week 1

You're going to learn exactly how to get into the flow state by using movement, meditation and magic. You'll create a genuine Magic Altar, call in the elements ritually, and produce an intuitive illustration. You'll be guided through a Fifth Dimensional Chakra Cleanse too.

Week 2

You'll be guided through a Qigong meditation to open all your major channels so you can become a vehicle for divine information. Christina will share her vocals warmups and show you exactly how she channels light language so you can do the same!

Week 3

You'll be taken on a guided meditation into the stars to meet your galactic guides and finish off the course by channeling their message.

When you enter a trance state or the "flow" state, you are completely immersed in what you're doing. You lose the sense of your ego, time and space. You merge with the infinite and are able to channel spiritual energy into this world. The experience is healing on every level and enables you to connect to what you truly are: a Source of Magic and Miracles!

Entering the flow state makes you FEEL GOOD!


Who is this for? Anyone, any gender, any religion, any belief. If you feel called to this work, follow your intuition!

How does the course work? As soon as you make a payment you'll be on the list to receive the digital course. You'll receive your first video assignment on Sept. 1, 2019. Then, a week later, the next assignment will get sent straight to your inbox. 

What if I'm too busy to keep up with the assignments? That's okay! This is a go-at-your-own-pace course so if you fall behind, no worries. The videos will be available forever for you to view.

What if I'm not an artist or have never created art? Totally fine! Whatever level you're at, this course is designed to help inspire you. 

Do I have to do all the same projects? No, you can use the assignments as a guideline to create anything you choose.

Do I have to share my art or show up to the live gathering? Nope, only if you feel called.

Will I need any equipment? A notebook and pen. Your altar supplies will be super simple, things you can find around the house. You may have to purchase a few candles, that's it!

What if I'm a professional artist, can I join? YES! Go for it!

Are there refunds? Not for this course. If you decide to join, honor your intuition by sticking to your word.



3 Weeks of Video Material (up to 30 mins each)

Instructions on how to channel a creative piece in alignment with your soul


Access to the 2019 Creative Flow Facebook Group!

There you'll be able to share your creations, get feedback and make lifelong friendships or business connections! 


Free 8 Week Digital Course "Magic School" to show you how to cast real spells and call upon the elements ritually and ceremonially. JAM-PACKED with Information, videos and workbooks!

Free Ebook copy of Christina's "Fifth Dimensional Healing"

Live Zoom Gathering with Christina and all participants for Q and A and celebration!

Enrollment closes August 31st 2019! Sign up now using the Paypal link below to secure your spot!


Enrollment closed

© Christina Martine 2019
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