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Three Weeks of Creative Flow

Ignite the Artist Within!

Join Christina for Three Weeks of inspirational exercises to help you master your drawing, singing and trance channeling skills.


Week 1

5d Chakra Cleanse

How to Build a Magic Altar

Calling in the Elemental Forces of Creation

Intuitive Drawing Exercises

Channeled Drawing Exercise


Week 2

Qigong Finger Bending Exercise to open All Major Channels

Vocal Warm-Up Practices

Shamanic Drumming

Light Language Singing


Week 3

Guided Meditation to meet Galactic Guides

Trance Channeling

Intuitive Journaling


How does the Course Work? As soon as you sign up you get sent the link to receive all the Course info Instantly. There are 3 Instructional Videos in total. You also get invited to our Secret Magician Facebook Community.

Is there a refund? Not for this Course.

What if I've never drawn before or sung? That's okay! Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this Course has something to inspire you. 

If I've never connected to Galactic Guides, can I still join? I encourage it!

I get to keep the videos for life? Yes! This is a go-at-your-own-pace Course. The videos are yours forever!

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