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Welcome Magician!


I know it's been tough out there for you because so many people have forgotten their magic, but not you! You've remembered that there's more to this life than what meets the eye. You look deeper than others and know that you are a Co-Creator with the universe and that your thoughts, emotions and intentions are shaping your destiny! You know you came here for a purpose. Are you ready to find out what that is? 

It's time to Ignite the Magician Within! 

Below you'll find all current courses available instantly through the Academy. 

It's time to learn the secrets which have been kept from you for far too long. It's time to learn who you truly are and why you came here. It's time to activate your intuitive gifts and share your Magic with the world!

Magic School

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8 weeks

Learn to create a magic altar, invoke the elements for rituals and ceremonies, commune with the stars using Astrology, work with angelic guides, use Moon Magic, and cast spells in alignment with the sacred rhythms of the earthly and celestial realms.

Astro Mentorship Circle

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3 weeks

Become a genuine Astrologer. Learn basic and advanced Astrology and discover how to turn your passion into a business that supports you financially and spiritually.



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3 weeks

Learn the ancient practice of Tantra (energy healing with the physical body), Mantra (sound healing) and Yantra (sacred geometry) to align with Lakshmi and Jupiter to manifest true wealth.

3 Weeks of Creative Flow

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3 weeks

Learn how to draw and sing intuitively. Join Christina for her vocal warmups and light language practice. Guided meditations, energy healing and trance channeling.


How do the Courses work? Each Course can be taken separately. As soon as you sign up for a Course, you receive instant access to all Course Material. You will be emailed a link with the Course Material and access to our secret Facebook Magician Community. You can always email Christina at any time with questions:

Is there a refund? Not for these Courses.

Who are the courses for? Anyone looking to deepen their magical practice. Some of the courses deal with more mature subjects such as sexual energy, so make sure you ask your parents permission to join if you're under 18. The courses are suitable for all ages, all genders, all beliefs.

Will these courses actually make my life better? I can't guarantee anything, but I can say that yes, your life will be forever changed if you put in the work and do the exercises. Personally, learning Astrology, Magic and Tantra has improved my health, state of mind, even my bank account. Knowing WHY I came to earth has made this life a lot more enjoyable and fun!

© Christina Martine 2019
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