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Magic School

8   Week  Digital Course

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Welcome to Magic School, an 8-week, interactive, online e-course that begins as soon as you sign up! Each week, an email will get sent to your inbox with your reading assignment, video lessons, and exercises. 

This course is open to anyone looking to deepen their magical practice.

You have the power! Are you ready to use it? 



The act of using magic is the act of creation itself, of bringing spiritual energy into form. In every moment, whether you’re conscious of it or not, you are using magic. You are co-creating this world with your imagination, attention, intentions, emotions, words and willpower.

In Magic School, you’ll learn how to align your will with the will of the Creator so you can fully step into your Divine Power as a Magician. Each week, Christina will release 1 an excerpt from her novel, 5th Dimensional Healing, along with an instructional video and exercise. 

You will be instructed on how to enter a trance state and channel spiritual energy while creating art to manifest your dreams into the physical. No previous art experience is necessary.

After the completion of the course, you will know how to create a magic altar, invoke the elements for rituals and ceremonies, commune with the stars using Astrology, work with angelic guides, use Moon Magic, and cast spells in alignment with the sacred rhythms of the earthly and celestial realms.



Week 1 
Live in the Now

Guided Meditations
Staying Present
What’s the Point of It All? 

Week 2 
Your Spirit Body
The Different Forms of Qi
The Kun Gong Energy Centre
Sun Meditation to Increase Original Energy


Week 3 
Conscious Creativity
Balancing the Brain Hemispheres
Art as a Spiritual Practice        
Dangers of Channelling               
Psychic Protection for Spiritual Artists


Week 4 
Do What You Love
Gamma Magic
White vs. Dark Magic
The Power of Ritual          


Week 5 
Magical Preparation
Creating a Magic Altar Space
Magical Essentials
Your Ritual Space
Magical Clothing Items
Ceremonial Magic Info


Week 6 
Elemental Magic
Working with the Elements
Invoking the Elements
Ceremonial Elemental Invocations


Week 7 
Celestical Magic
Moon Magic   
Astro Magic
Jupiter Charm Bag


Week 8 
Use Your Magic
Pleiadian Meditation to Manifest Your Dream Life
Pleiadian Dream Sigil
Abundance Spell to Manifest Your Dream Life



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What if I've never done magic? Can I still join? Yes you can join. You'll learn the basics first, meditation, and breath work so you can build a solid foundation to do magic from.


How does the course work again? Once you sign up, you'll get sent an email with the Course Link. You'll be able to access all the information instantly. You'll also get access to our Secret Magician Group on Facebook.


What if I'm busy and don't have time to keep up with the exercises? No worries! You can move through this course at your own pace. You can download the reading assignments and watch the videos whenever you'd like. They'll be available forever!


What if I don't like the course? Is there a refund policy? Not for this course.


Will this course improve my life? While I can't guarantee specific results, every single participant who has taken this course has had a positive experience. If you put in the work, and actually do the exercises, your life will be forever changed. If you want proof, read on...



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